La Jolla High School cheerleaders get the chance to cheer alongside San Diego Charger Girls at Qualcomm Stadium

La Jolla High School cheerleaders Reign Salas and Kayla Sabo got a chance to jump, shout and let it all out on the field at Qualcomm Stadium with the San Diego Charger Girls — before thousands of screaming fans.

Reign, a sophomore varsity cheer captain, and Kayla, a freshman, each raised a minimum of $175 in donations for the local Make-a-Wish Foundation chapter and the San Diego Chargers Community Foundation in order to participate during the Nov. 23, 2014 game (along with other participating “Junior Charger Girls”).

As the girls took the field, family and friends held up signs urging, ‘Go Insane Kayla and Reign!”

Reign’s mother, Patty Belardes, said the honor was particularly special for her and her family — longtime San Diego Charger fans who recently moved to La Jolla from Las Vegas.

Belardes said the family was excited to meet the Charger Girls and proud of Reign for the more than $300 she raised to help the Chargers Community Foundation raise money for things like school supplies, shoes and jackets for the children of needy families.

Kayla said the most difficult move to learn during her three practices with the Charger Girls were the roll-offs (aka peel-offs), in which a team is divided into two or more groups and performs the same movement or motion at different times.

“I definitely wasn’t as prepared for as many people as there were,” Kayla said. “I was really nervous before we started, but once we got out there it actually seemed a lot more fun than nerve-wracking. You know, you only have one shot like that, so you have to make the best of it.”