La Jolla High classes of 1939 to ’44 alums gather


By Ruth Chandler


La Jolla High School alums from the Classes of 1939 to 1944 recently gathered at the Bali Hai Restaurant on Shelter Island for their annual reunion.

This yearly get together, supported by the La Jolla High School Alumni Association, is the brainchild of their 1941 classmate — who happens to be the Academy Award winning actor — Cliff Robertson along with fellow alumnus Bruce Moore (’42), and the late Jack Hacker, (’42).

Robertson said he began hosting the annual event 20 years ago at his La Jolla oceanfront estate when it was known as “Old La Jolla Night.”

Seventy-six former Vikings, the largest gathering by far, came from all walks of life and from as far away as Alberta, Canada. These former cheerleaders, football stars and fellow classmates, who during the war years became fighter pilots and soldiers, then doctors and authors, eagerly greeted each other with hugs and enthusiastic slaps on the back.

Perhaps a bit slower in their gait, their handshakes remained ever firm and personalities robust. The eldest of the revelers — from the Class of 1931 — La Jolla’s infamous local, Spence Wilson, was also in attendance.

Robertson stepped up to the podium and welcomed the crowd before they settled down for a lovely luncheon and lively conversation.