La Jolla High School grads launch ‘Go Out’ app

Emil Juboori and Anthony Correia from the La Jolla High School Class of 2010 want you to get out and explore San Diego. But what if you only want to find farmers markets or karaoke times or happy hours or community service opportunities? Or just what’s happening in your own neighborhood?

There’s an app for that. Well, now there is.

Juboori and Correia have created “Go Out,” an app that lists all local events in one place. “We were kind of shocked to realize there was nothing out there that covered all different kinds of events,” Juboori said. “Similar apps might list concerts, or special events at clubs, but there is not one place to look at all kinds of events. We know that information is out there, we’re just putting it together on our platform. Some people aren’t into nightlife, and there are tons of things to do in the mornings or during the day. We wanted to make it easy for our users to find what’s going on around them.”

Users are able to filter their searches by event type, date, location or proximity to their spot. “You get directions, event information, ticket information, photos and more,” he said.

The app is available for free on the App Store or Google Play Store by searching “Go Out.” More information about the app, including tutorials, is at (A promotional video found on the website was filmed at Village locations, including Puesto restaurant, WindanSea Beach and La Jolla Boulevard.)

To be accessible to both those looking for things to do and those wanting to get people to their businesses, Correia said anyone can post events and specials. “We want any and every user to add their own messages,” he said. “People are already adding events and specials, and some businesses are even adding incentives, such as free items if you show you saw the listing on our app.”

To further spread the word, the duo made a presentation to the La Jolla Village Merchant’s Association during its Feb. 10 meeting. (Read more about the meeting on page A1)

“We thought it might help businesses get to a demographic they might not otherwise have reached,” Juboori said. “Our goal is to send customers through their doors.”

The impetus for the app was a day of boredom over spring break about a year and a half ago, Correia explained. “We were at Emil’s house and wondering what we should do. We know there are all kinds of things to do in San Diego, but wanted to see it all in one place,” he said.

Realizing there was a need, and with a longtime interest in technology, the two set out to design and build the app. “Phone consumption is just going up and we thought this was something we would like to explore,” Juboori said.

Starting with just the two of them, a prototype was built while Juboori was studying psychology at UC Riverside and Correia was studying psychology at Mesa College. With degrees under their belt, they established a development team to get the app functional.

Two of the team members are students at UC San Diego and another is an Air Force retiree with expertise in GPS coordination. Hoping to build on that team (and pay them!) Correia and Juboori said they would be launching a fundraising campaign to broaden the company to other areas and market the business.

But for now, they are focused on expanding the user-base and encouraging event posting. Juboori said, “We just want to help people find stuff to do.”