Business Spotlight: Enter the relaxing environment of La Jolla Family Smile Design



Dentists Jaime Breziner DDS, and his partner, Abraham Romanowsky DDS, don’t have a typical family dental office. “Our office resembles a spa,” said Dr. Breziner. “It’s calming and relaxing to make it as comfortable as possible for our patients.”

The décor features natural colors in subdued tones and beautiful wood. The abundance of light and open space — without closed doors — projects a friendly ambience.

The dental partners specialize in family dentistry and treat patients, ages 3 to 100-plus! Dr. Romanowsky also specializes in prosthetic dental work. “We do a lot of cosmetic dentistry, especially teeth whitening to remove impurities in the teeth while making them as white as possible,” Dr. Breziner said. “It’s a painless, comfortable and safe procedure.”

Both dentists find that fluoride toothpaste and prescription treatments are good for teeth because they help strengthen teeth while acting as a preventative for hypersensitivity and root sensitivity.

The partners also do tooth resurfacing and use thin aesthetic porcelain veneers to reshape patients’ teeth and smile. “We do all porcelain white crowns and only white fillings and haven’t used mercury fillings in 15 years,” Dr. Breziner said. “My partner and I do a lot of crowns, bridge work and all types of restorative dental procedures, and while we don’t place implants, we restore them.”

Drs. Breziner and Romanowsky emphasize preventative care for their patients. “We teach parents and children the importance of good oral hygiene and developing good habits like brushing three times a day and flossing at least once,” Dr. Breziner said. “A healthy diet is also very important, as is staying away from carbonated sodas and sticky candies.”

Another tip: The dentists recommend sugar-free gum because it activates saliva and cleanses the mouth.

Five office hygienists help patients stay on track by stressing consistent dental and gum cleanings two-three times a year, based on the individual’s mouth condition and needs. “Children wearing dental braces and adults using Invisalign also need to do more frequent cleaning,” Dr. Breziner said.

The pair has provided dental care in La Jolla for 23 years and just celebrated their 10th anniversary on Ivanhoe Avenue. u

• Dentists Jaime Breziner, DDS, and Abraham Romanowsky, DDS, can be reached at La Jolla Family Smile Design, 7817 Ivanhoe, Suite 105, La Jolla. (858) 454-3044.

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