La Jolla Cove “Stench” Calendar: Weekly updates about the foul odor caused by sea lions and marine life


UPDATED WEEKLY: To keep the spotlight on the pervasively pungent problem of marine life excrement odors invading the Village of La Jolla from the La Jolla Cove cliffs (a scenario that has plagued the town for the past two years), La Jolla Light is publishing a weekly Cove Stench Calendar to track the extent. It’s our hope that VISUAL, as well as OLFACTORY proof, will lead to a resolution to the distressing dilemma in 2015. Reporters embedded on the frontlines are providing daily updates on the air “conditions” in the Village, which we will pass along to you and San Diego City Hall.

OUR VIEW / EDITORIAL: La Jolla Light publishes Cove Stench Calendar — Frustrated retailers, restaurateurs, residents, runners, vacationers and visitors at the La Jolla Cove have had it. For the past two years — despite a lawsuit against the City of San Diego and the city’s response to the problem (intermittent washing of the shoreline cliffs with a microbial cleaning agent and removing the barriers to public access) — the sickening odors from the marine-life excrement there continue to damage the quality of life and prosperity of the Village of La Jolla. The situation stinks.

What good is it to invite travel writers here (see story HERE), when their reports must be prefaced by an Editor’s Note: “Call ahead to see if the air is fresh before your visit.” Yes. Several times last year, the La Jolla Light received such calls from brides-to-be wondering if it was “safe” to host family gatherings at La Jolla Cove.

To keep the spotlight on this pervasively pungent problem until it passes, the Light will bring you weekly Cove Stench reports to track its extent. Reporters embedded on the frontline will provide daily updates on the air “conditions” in the Village, which we will pass along to you and San Diego City Hall. (We only wish we had “scratch-and-sniff” technology to share our pain with elected officials.)