La Jolla Country Market burglarized, safe stolen

Dave Schwab

Staff Writer

For the second time in four months, La Jolla Country Market at 1030 Torrey Pines Road #A was broken into and burglarized.

“The store was burglarized sometime between 9:30 p.m. and 1:50 a.m.,” said Det. Garry Hassen, San Diego Police Department spokesman. “They forced entry through the ground-floor door and ransacked the store. There was stuff strewn all over the place.”

Hassen said the market was equipped with a video surveillance camera which filmed the break-in. “There are four suspects,” he added.

“They stole my safe, the safe is gone,” said Breck Schumacher, market owner. “They destroyed my front doors and my security system. They got some cash.”

Schumacher said thieves who burglarized his business four months ago used a crowbar to pry their way in through the front door.

“This time I think they pushed it in with a car,” he said, adding he was notified at home early in the morning after a police patrol passed by and noticed the destruction in the front of his store.

Schumacher said police showed him the face of a guy he didn’t recognize from video footage taken of the incident. He said police were going to enhance the photo and he was going to post it in his store in hopes that the suspect might be recognized by a patron.