La Jolla Country Day girls basketball blasts Holtville High School, 97-10; move to CIF semifinals


By Michael Ragovin

La Jolla Country Day Torreys girls basketball team took apart the Holtville High School Vikings in a Quarter Final pairing of the CIF playoffs on Feb. 23, 2013 in La Jolla. All 10 players on the Torreys team got just about equal playing time, scoring almost at will.

The opening tip went to Kelsey Plum who passed to Mai-Loni Henson who missed a jumper, then Sabrina Callahan got the offensive rebound and put up and in. The Torreys missed a couple of shot opportunities and didn’t score again until there was six minutes left in the first period, when Plum got a defensive board and passed it the length of the court to Brianne Yasukochi, who scored from underneath.

Country Day really turned it up a couple of notches at this point. Yasukochi got a long pass from Plum for a layup. Then Yasukochi stole the ball and passed to Plum who hit Henson above the arc for three. It went on like this throughout the first quarter with the Torreys “pitching” a shutout as the quarter ended, 29-0, Torreys.

Holtville finally got on the board on a 2-pointer with 6:50 left in the second period and the score 34-2. Henson missed a three and Plum got the rebound and missed the putback, however, she got two free throws and sunk them both making the score 36-2. Henson stole a pass and sent it the length of the court to Plum who converted for two. At 6:11 in the second, the score was 38-2. Holtville finally scored again on a give and go at 5:56 of the second period and the scoreboard read 38-4. Henson hit on one from behind the arc, had a layup and Yasukochi made a layup and the score was 45-4 with 4:13 left in the second quarter.

At this point Coach Terri Bamford sent in a completely new set of players. The Torreys stole a pass, got it to Taylor Johnson who missed a jumper, but Hadiyah Muhammad put back the offensive board for two.

Holtville hit a two-point jumper and the Torreys led 47-6. Isabel Aguirre got a steal and passed to Mariana Ecija who made a layup. The Torreys scored the last nine points of the second period that ended with Country Day ahead, 58-6.

A different five started the third period as Coach Bamford started to mix and match the lineup. Callahan missed a jumper and Holtville missed a layup to start the third period. Plum hit on a three and it was 61-6. Country Day didn’t score again until Plum scored on an offensive rebound at the six-minute mark pushing the score to 63-6.

Plum hit two free throws and the Torreys scored on four straight layups and with 3:43 left the score became 73-6. At this point Coach Bamford put in a fresh five who scored eight points in the remaining 2:30 of the third quarter with Holtville scoring four. The third period ended 83-10.

The fourth period began with a different five on the floor for the Torreys. Holtville missed a layup and the rebound. Plum missed a layup, and scored on the rebound. Henson intercepted a Holtville pass and dribbled the length of the floor for a layup.

Ecija and Plum made free throws and the score went to 91-10.

A new five came on the floor for the Torreys and Holtville immediately drained one from way behind the arc for three — that ended the scoring for the Vikings. Country Day scored six more and the game ended 97-10.

The only thing in question during the entire game was whether the Torreys would hit the century mark and they only missed by three.

Ninety-seven points by a high school basketball team is a monumental achievement considering there are only 30-minutes in the game. That’s three points a minute!