La Jolla Community Center appeals for capital projects support to complete remodel

By Glen Rasmussen

Chairman of the Board

La Jolla Community Center

Can you help? $70,000 is now needed to finish the remodeling of the La Jolla Community Center. If you would like to be a part of completing the capital improvements, please contact us this week. All donations are tax-deductible. The time is now, because there is a “critical path” in our construction that dictates when the needed improvements must be made — or it is more expensive to add them later. We are ready to complete the remodeling this month.

The design that was funded was for entrance at grade on the side of the building. But then, at the demand of a now-disbarred attorney, the city changed its requirement to a more expensive ramp in the front of the building. So, instead of entry lighting, flooring and doors that are normally a part of the scope of the accessibility remodeling, we had to build the ramp, which has narrowed the sidewalk in front. We built a very good ramp, but the redesign cost us a third of the HUD grant and we must fund completion from other sources.

Many members of our community, including several gracious individuals and the Kiwanis Club of La Jolla, have provided funding for some of the items we need to complete the remodeling of the center, which is more than just the accessible entrance. We have nice new bathrooms, but the floors in the hallways and rooms are older carpeting and vinyl. The building slab needs to be ground leveled and sealed.

We have a new kitchen, Great Room, and will soon have a new large classroom thanks to Las Patronas, but again, the floors in those rooms need to better serve the purposes of the community and be cleanable, nonslip and durable. The electrical system in the building is old and the ceiling lighting is inadequate. There is still not enough shade in our courtyard, which was partially shaded, made accessible and replanted by wonderfully generous individuals.

To be economically viable, your all-volunteer La Jolla Community Center Board strives to keep our membership fees low (standard, non-sustaining membership is less than $10 per month, which is easily recouped if you attend just a couple events a month). That means we need to attract more members and have fun events and meaningful classes people are proud to attend, in order to meet our expenses. To do this, our vision is to make the center comfortable, usable, attractive and clean.

You can help! Your tax-deductible donation is really, really needed now. Whether you wish to donate, join or volunteer your time, please contact us at

or (858) 459-0831.