La Jolla Coastal Access and Parking Board refines its list of parking remedies

By Ashley Mackin

The La Jolla Coastal Access and Parking Board, tasked with implementing the La Jolla Coastal Access Parking Plan, reduced and ranked the list of suggestions collected to alleviate parking issues in the Village, and will pass the list on to other community advisory groups for approval.

The board assembled a list of 12 items to submit as alternatives to the La Jolla Coastal Access Parking Plan, which originally suggested a remote parking reservoir and shuttle system, and/or long-term or short-term programs or improvements to parking congestion.

The list was narrowed down to three and prioritized in order of what the board deems most realistic, self-sustaining and implementable.

■ 1)

Install a smartphone-based system connected to sensors on spaces in garages, and possibly on- street, to show the number and location of parking space vacancies. The board opted to add a distribution system of La Jolla parking information in the form of maps and brochures.

■ 2)

Plan and implemention of a uniform central valet parking system.

■ 3)

Fund the startup of a Village shuttle that circulates between parking lots and garages and various destinations in La Jolla, possibly in the form of a golf-cart. (However, some members expressed reservation over whether this item could be self-sustaining given the high costs of driver salaries and liability insurance.)

After the required community groups review the suggestions, lawyers representing the City of San Diego will review them and pass them on to the California Coastal Commission staff.

The California Coastal Commission, which outlined the original parking plan, collected developer impact fees and applicable interest to set aside for these projects that to date, total $276,000.