La Jolla Christmas Parade draws a crowd

Last year’s parade chairwoman Darcy Ashley called the 2009 edition of the La Jolla Christmas Parade the best ever and this year’s chairwoman Ann Kerr Bache praised her volunteers, “We are lucky to live in a great community of wonderful neighbors and businesses-and the miracle of good weather,” she said.

Bill Allen and the Antique Aircraft Association waited for their moment to fly-by when the clouds broke, just one more tradition of the event, she added.

The festival afterwards drew several hundred and the reception and photos with the Grinch at Wisteria Cottage added to the fun.

Town Council chairman Earl VanInwegen said, “The floats were amazingly unique and showed a lot of effort, the bands and other entries were great and most of all, everyone seemed to have a great time.”

And afterwards, the flauta-eating contest at Jose’s drew a crowd to watch contestants down as many bite-size flautas as they could in the allotted time. Winner Benjamin Roy Monson ingested 65 in eight minutes.

More on the flauta eating contest by NBC San Diego.