La Jolla celebrates a festive Fourth

The show went on for the annual Fourth of July fireworks as folks from all over trudged to La Jolla Cove with strollers, coolers, lawn chairs and pets.

And, over in Bird Rock, a crowd turned out for the annual neighborhood parade down Beaumont Avenue.

But it was the fireworks — despite a failed legal effort to block the show — that drew a sea of people to the Cove lawn where the band played as well as for many on condominium balconies and restaurant decks, and others along the entire shoreline from the Village to La Jolla Shores. They oohed and ahhed at the spectacular pyrotechnic display.

“The sky actually cleared up and the fireworks went off and it was a great show,” said Deborah Marengo, event organizer. “The entertainment, the Marine Corps band, is always fabulous.”

Marengo, who was in charge of cleanup in the aftermath of the display, said people who went out early Monday searching for fireworks debris or residue left behind found none and reported that “everything looked really good.”

The situation on land wasn’t as good.

“The only mess we did find was in the park because people left so much trash behind,” Marengo said. “But park and rec (crews) did a great job and cleaned it up by 8 a.m. and the park was back to its pristine self.”