La Jolla business district is getting back on track

By Rick Wildman

President, Promote La Jolla

The 2011 La Jolla Business Improvement District appropriation, presented to the City Council on Tuesday, is set at $262,000. This included $95,000 in unexpended FY2010 funds and estimated FY2011 assessments of $167,000. Meredith Dibden-Brown, her staff, and the office of the City Attorney have worked tirelessly with the La Jolla BID advisory council to achieve this result.

As a result the prospects for a positively functioning La Jolla Business Improvement District are good. Disbursement of BID monies is imminent. This will enable the funds that have been collected from the merchants of the BID to be used as provided in the budget. As a result the BID will finally pay the rent on office leased from the La Jolla Town Council and to get back on track with the hanging baskets and other enhancements to our Village.

We are also looking forward to the independently organized Pet Parade this Sunday. The BID is also making plans for our Gallery and Wine Walk in the fall. The parade of community events should start to return to normal during the next fiscal year.

I am hopeful that all the problems and turmoil that followed the City’s Fraud Hotline Investigation will soon be settled without litigation. Promote La Jolla’s insurance carrier is currently involved in direct negotiations with the City Attorney’s office. With any luck the turbulent saga will come to an end soon. Then we may all work together to engage in happy and productive enterprises.

Although the past year has been marked by unanticipated challenges, it is now clear that our town has become more unified than ever before. Great thanks are in order to everyone who helped to made this happen.