La Jolla - bought presents help Jewel’s future

With the holidays starting to wind toward the New Year — and a new decade (wasn’t it just a couple of years ago we worried about the millennium meltdown?) — there’s still time to put a smile on our business owners’ faces.

And for a little encouragement, we thought we’d take the words of reader Jerry Cesak and share one great reason why we should all do our last-minute shopping here at home.

He sent us a note saying he decided “to do all our shopping this year in our beloved Village of La Jolla. Buying from our friends who own the stores renewed our gratitude that we have such great shops in our little town. If you need any convincing, look what happened when we purchased a Santa Claus for less than $200 at Bower’s Jewelers: They made a custom box for it, and wrapped it with ribbon and a large ornament. For free.”

Even more, though, without the businesses in the Village, Bird Rock and the Shores, La Jolla wouldn’t be the Jewel that it is. So let’s do our part to keep them around and shop there today, next week and in the new year.

And from the Light staff, we wish you Happy Holidays.