La Jolla Blue Print Co. closes doors after 54 years


Staff Writer

The continuing recession is causing La Jolla Blue Print Co., which has served the architectural and construction communities of La Jolla and San Diego for 54 years, to close its doors.

“It’s being forced on us by the economy as we’re about 98 percent dependent on the building and construction industry which has come to a screeching halt, practically to the point where 54 years (experience) isn’t enough to survive this kind of economy,” said co-owner Terry Knox, who’s run the business along with his son, Kevin.

The senior Knox noted his business was also a victim of technological change.

“We started out doing blueprinting, but we don’t do that anymore as the industry has evolved and blueprint equipment is going digital using computers and the CAD process,” he said.

Knox added what’s happened to his firm and his competitors with loss of business due to technological change and tough economic times is being repeated all over the country.

“People are just hanging on by threads waiting for things (the economy) to change,” he said. “We’ve been waiting two and a half years and it doesn’t look like things are really going to improve that much in the next two or three years. So we decided we had to stop the bleeding.”

In a recent e-mail Kevin Knox wrote, “I want to thank all our wonderful customers and staff for making La Jolla Blue Print successful over many years. Due to extreme economic reasons, we were left with no option but to close. Our family has enjoyed knowing many in La Jolla over the years and we wish everyone a more prosperous New Year and the best of luck in the future.”

The company’s last day of business will be Nov. 30.