La Jolla author Doris McCoy releases eighth book

By Ashley Mackin

Doris McCoy, whose books pose thought-provoking questions to influential figures, recently published her eighth book and gave the first copy to former President Bill Clinton.

Clinton and his daughter Chelsea were featured in her most recent work, “Remarkable Leaders: Risk Takers Who Dare Us,” so she wanted to make sure he received a copy. She got her opportunity while attending the Health Matters Conference in nearby Palm Springs. From a previous meeting, there is a photo of McCoy and Bill Clinton in “Remarkable Leaders.”

The Clintons were two of more than 80 people featured in “Remarkable Leaders,” which McCoy said she wrote to “Crack the nut of success open and see what it’s all about.” However, in looking at those who are deemed successful in different capacities, the book changed direction and became about the risks taken by these leaders, she said.

Others featured include Princess Diana, astronaut John Glen, retired Supreme Court Judge Sandra Day O’Connor, philanthropist Conrad Prebys and Nelson Mandela.

The Queen of Bhutan wrote the introduction for “Remarkable Leaders,” whom McCoy met while writing her book, “The Magic of Gross National Happiness,” which explored how citizens of Bhutan – who make an average of $1,150 a year – are some of the happiest people on Earth.

Previous books asked influential leaders their thoughts on the future of America, and identified the 12 traits of successful people.

— “Remarkable Leaders,” and all of McCoy’s works can be found at