Kyoto Prize winners coming to San Diego

Each year, the Kyoto Prize Symposium, made possible by grants and local benefactors, brings the winners of Japan’s highest private award for global achievement in technology, science and the arts to San Diego for free, 90-minute presentations designed to inspire students to work toward the betterment of society.

The Kyoto Prize is presented annually by the Inamori Foundation.

“The Kyoto Prize Symposium brings some of the world’s great intellects and artistic masters to San Diego each year for presentations not offered anywhere else in North America,” said Robert Horsman of U.S. Bank, who chairs the nonprofit Kyoto Symposium Organization. “We hope the exemplary work of the Kyoto Prize laureates and the spirit reflected in their work will inspire our youth to improve society in a similar way.”

To further that goal, the group has announced that it will offer local high schools free group transportation to its Ninth Annual Kyoto Prize Symposium presentations on April 21-22 on a first-come, first-served basis. Buses will be available for student groups of 10 or more, until reservations are full. Teachers from San Diego city or county high schools, public or private, can reserve seats until April 14. To request transportation, school officials should call (619) 260-4681.

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