Kyoto Prize awards will be given in San Diego this month

The Kyoto Prize Symposium, which features the latest recipients of Japan’s highest private award for global achievement, will be held in San Diego this month, organizers said.

The Inamori Foundation and Kyoto Symposium Organization said the three-day event will open with a “The Kyoto Prize: Celebrating Outstanding Lifetime Achievement” gala at 5:30 p.m. on April 20 at the San Diego Marriott Hotel and Marina.

Presentations by each Kyoto Prize laureate will follow, April 21-22, at UC San Diego, San Diego State University and the University of San Diego.

The recipients of the 25th Kyoto Prize are:

  • Peter and Rosemary Grant, evolutionary biologists and professors at Princeton University;
  • Isamu Akasaki, a semiconductor scientist and professor at Nagoya University and Meijo University in Japan;
  • Pierre Boulez, a world-renowned composer and conductor, and honorary director of the Institute for Research and Coordination Acoustic/Music.

The prestigious Kyoto Prize is awarded annually by the foundation to individuals or groups that have made outstanding contributions to the betterment of humanity.