Kudos to La Jollan’s seahorse mailbox

This seahorse greets people traveling along La Jolla Shores Blvd. Photo: Dave Schwab

Kudos goes to this eye-catching mailbox in the shape of a seahorse at 5906 La Jolla Blvd., which has become a landmark for people entering La Jolla from Bird Rock.

Robb Luscomb, who has lived at the residence since 1986, built the ornamental piece along with friend Dave Voss back in the early ‘90s. Luscomb, a tradesman who works at the San Diego Convention Center, said he and Voss formed the mailbox out of quarter-inch rebar and chicken wire, then plastered and concreted it.

He said he repaints it every other year, which he did recently giving the formerly gray structure a new greenish-blue hue. After all this time he still gets favorable comments about his creation. “My friends gave me a high-five for painting it,” he added.