KPBS to feature talk on ways to ‘rewire your brain’


Adrianne Ahern, Ph.D., a local psychologist, author and speaker, will share her breakthrough methodology on “rewiring your brain” during her 90-minute “Snap Out of it Now” special on San Diego’s KPBS-TV at 7 p.m. Saturday.

Ahern, the author of “Snap Out of It Now” and “Back in Charge,” has been featured on more than a dozen PBS stations around the country. After the program was broadcast in Reno, the Reno Gazette Journal, headlined a full-page article, “Move over, Dr. Phil.”

A Del Mar resident who practices in Carmel Valley, she employs the latest advances in neuropsychology to help patients rewire their brains. This methodology helps train the brain to support optimal health, success and well-being. In essence, she teaches how to break free of the cage of negative conditioning.

“Your brain can be your worst enemy, but it can be retrained to support your goals. This is particularly apropos now, with so many people suffering from the economy,” she says.

“Old, unconscious negative conditioning - often from childhood - controls us, and sends us messages that have emotional and physiological consequences. Fortunately, with training, we can take charge and rewire our brains to unleash its power in positive directions,” she points out.

“That explains why affirmations often don’t work. We can repeat, ‘I am a loving, deserving, wonderful person,’ but our brain is hard-wired to counter with, ‘Oh, yeah, I’m really an unpopular, ugly, wallflower who will never amount to much.’ Before affirmations work, you have to confront and unlock the old conditioning.”

The proven Snap Out of It Now! method was developed by Ahern during more than 15 years of private practice, consulting at Scripps Hospital in La Jolla and organizational consulting. It integrates the disciplines of psychology, psychophysiology, neurofeedback and personal achievement analysis.