Knowledge can be as powerful as the biggest waves


Magic is the substance of which miracles are produced. There are magic tricks and then there is real magic.

Real magic is the result of knowledge and the understanding of how to use it. Combining knowledge and understanding with action is the secret to creating miracles.

There was a very good surfer who believed with all his being that he could become a great big-wave surfer. Though he had not yet tested his advanced surfing skills in big waves, he maintained the desire and faith that he could succeed.

Then there was another surfer of less strength, skill and ability, who was known as a great big wave surfer. The first surfer knew his skills were superior to that of the second surfer. He had the notion in his heart: “If he can surf big waves I can surf them better.” What the first surfer did not know is that the second surfer possessed something more valuable than the first surfer’s strength, skill and abilities: simple knowledge and understanding.

There came a day when the waves roared high. So high did the waves become, no surfer could remember a day in which they were greater.

Independently, the two surfers looked out unto the unruly sea. The first surfer desired with all his heart to “ride the wild surf.” He had faith that if he could somehow make it through the crashing inside shorebreak, he could reach the outside swells and ride one.

The second surfer was very wise. Knowing that he could surf the biggest of waves, he chose instead to listen to reason. Studying the ocean like a mathematician, he saw what was invisible to the first surfer.

Strong rip currents were surging everywhere. Huge waves were combining to become even bigger. Adding to the challenge, the waves were crashing all at once, with very little form. Were a surfer to catch a wave, he would have no place to go but down. Judging the waves as too dangerous, the second surfer had no desire to paddle out.

Watching from the shore, the second surfer was astonished to see the first preparing to paddle out. With the worst timing possible, the first surfer jumped into the sea to paddle out. Though the first surfer was quite strong and an expert paddler, the crashing shorebreak quickly overtook him.

Within moments, the first surfer’s surfboard was ripped away and he was swept up in a powerful rip current. How the surfer with great faith now wished he had never attempted to paddle out.

Watching the first surfer being swept out to sea, the second surfer knew it would be only a short time before the ocean currents dragged the first surfer out and over to an area where waves pounded down onto huge boulders. The second surfer grabbed his board and headed out to rescue the first surfer.

Knowing how to time the waves perfectly, the second surfer got out easily. With only moments to spare, the second surfer knew the only way he could reach the first surfer in time to save his life was to catch a wave and ride it over to him. With little hesitation, the first surfer caught a wave right away. Knowing the proper way to surf a closed-out wave, the second surfer successfully made the drop, then straightened out. The second surfer managed to reach the first surfer before it was too late. Putting the first surfer on his surfboard, the second surfer used his ocean knowledge to bring both of them back to shore safely.

The first surfer desired with all his heart and soul to ride the giant waves, and had the strength and skill to do so -- but he did not succeed. The second surfer had less skill, but he had knowledge. All the faith and desire in the world does not make a big wave surfer, knowledge does.

With knowledge all things are possible. Aloha.