Kiwanian’s daughter hit with life-threatening virus


The condition of the critically ill daughter of a La Jolla Kiwanis club member has improved slightly.

On Monday, a group of about 30 people attended a group prayer for Sophia Bradley, daughter of Doug and Neva Bradley, at La Jolla Congregational Church on Cave Street presided over by Pastor Sam Greening. He read from scripture and led a silent prayer for the young child’s recovery.

“Many thanks for all of your prayers and kind thoughts,” said Greening in an e-mail later in the afternoon. “Doug was very moved when he heard about the outpouring of love for Sophia and her family.”

“Please join us in sending love, prayers and gratitude for the healing of our daughter Sophia,” said Bradley in an e-mail to members from his Blackberry early Monday. “She is fighting for her life against an unidentified virus or bacteria. We have a good chance of bringing her home, but we need all the help we can get. Please keep this sweet little person in your hearts.”

Greening said the latest news on Sophia was positive.

“Her heart rate was good and they had ‘turned back the dial’ on the machine controlling it, which meant that her heart is doing some of the work on its own,” he said by e-mail. “This was very good news. It’s also a good sign that her doctors are giving Doug and Neva reason to hope — as most of you know, doctors are very wary of giving false hope.”

Greening added doctors remain uncertain is to what caused Sophia Bradley’s sickness but hope to find out soon.

Only immediate family is allowed to visit as critical care at Children’s Hospital is “very crowded,” said Greening.

“If you pray, please pray for Sophia’s recovery,” he added. “If you don’t pray, please send positive thoughts of healing out into the goodness of the universe.”