Kiwanian’s daughter getting pacemaker as condition improves


The condition of the critically ill daughter of a La Jolla Kiwanis club member continues to improve though the family’s pastor, Sam Greening, noted she was having a pacemaker installed Wednesday afternoon.

Sophia Bradley, daughter of Doug and Neva Bradley, became violently ill over the weekend with what is initially believed to be a virus, and was rushed to Children’s Hospital for treatment.

“After as much as she’s been through, it is not surprising that her heart needs a bit of help, and so — just to be on the safe side — she’s having a pacemaker put in this afternoon. Though things are expected to go well, this little girl’s been through an awful lot, and she’s still not out of the woods. I know you’ve got some prayers and positive thoughts left in so please be especially mindful of Sophia this afternoon.”

“The doctors are saying we are seeing a miraculous recovery,” said Doug Bradley who added his daughter was doing “15 percent better” today.”

A group prayer session was held at Congregational Church for Sophia.

Greening asked people to continue to keep Sophia in their prayers. “

This is a very, very critical time, and there are still no guarantees,” he said, adding doctors remain uncertain is to what caused Sophia Bradley’s sickness but hope to find out soon.