Kitchen Angel service soars for La Jolla chef

By Light Staff

La Jollan Susie Blum retired from the cell tower construction business only to return with a completely different occupation: chef for hire.

For her, it was a natural transition.

“After a few years of retirement, I decided what I wanted to do next was what I really love and what I do best — cook and take care of people,” said Blum, adding that she loves delicious food and wants it to be nutritious and balanced for her clients.

“Although I advocate a vegetarian diet, I can cook you some of the best southern fried chicken and pan gravy you’ll ever taste,” she boasted.

Called Kitchen Angel, Blum’s new business is multifaceted. She not only cooks, but develops creative recipes that she claims turn boring diets into more exciting, delicious ones.

Blum went back to school to earn her a dietary service supervisor degree from Mesa College, which qualifies her to run a food service operation in an institutional setting, while she continues to work in the private sector.

“My clients are busy families who don’t have time to prepare nutritious meals every day at home, people who have special dietary issues such as gluten-free, lactose-free or diabetic issues, and even a newlywed who just needs at-home cooking lessons,” said Blum. “I also believe many seniors may benefit from my service when preparing nutritious meals has just become too difficult. Each client comes with different needs and I try to accommodate everyone on a case-by-case situation.”

Blum described her style of cooking as “really focused on whole, fresh foods.”

She typically charges $20 to $25 per hour for her services, depending on what is required.

“I will work any hours anybody needs me, especially here in La Jolla,” she said.

Blum has a website at

and can be contacted at (858) 232-3210.