Key Balboa Park pedestrian pathway open to four museums, theaters during bridge construction, Jan. 2-April

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SAN DIEGO–Balboa Park West End will continue to deliver events, activities and cultural experiences during the Cabrillo Bridge retrofit Jan. 2-April 30. While Balboa Park’s 100-year-old Cabrillo Bridge (which connects Laurel Street to the Park) undergoes renovations, it will be closed to automobiles, but pedestrians may still easily visit the newly dubbed Balboa Park West End, which provides San Diegans and visitors great opportunities for entertainment and discovery. Balboa Park West End comprises Mingei International Museum, The San Diego Museum of Art, San Diego Museum of Man, The Old Globe and Timken Museum of Art.

Alternate parking/transportation options will be available in the west end during construction. Easy parking can be found on the west side of the bridge on Balboa Drive or Sixth Avenue, just a short walk across the iconic bridge towards Plaza de Panama and the historic views of the California Tower and Dome. Parking will also be available on the east side of Balboa Park near Park Boulevard.

A new, free tram system is also available to guests. The vehicles depart from Tram Central, next to the large parking lots near Inspiration Point (east of Park Boulevard at Presidents Way). They operate daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., leave every 10 to 12 minutes, and follow a loop route, taking passengers to a drop-off station in the Plaza de Panama, just seconds from all the museums and theatres in Balboa Park West End.

“Our Balboa Park West End has something for everyone,” said Michael Murphy, managing director of The Old Globe. “From folk art to mummies, paintings to sculptures, theatre to workshops – we’ve got it all.”

The following are some of the offerings visitors can enjoy this winter:

Mingei International Museum

Please Be Seated

From woven mats to high-tech contemporary designs,

Please Be Seated

tells the story of seating across both culture and time, addressing the never-ending quest to seat people comfortably, appropriately and fashionably. On view through March 30.

The San Diego Museum of Art

Women, War, and Industry

Beyond Rosie the Riveter,

Women, War and Industry

examines American portrayals of women in relation to war and industry through posters, photographs, video and more. Visitors will experience never-before-seen modern and contemporary works, from World War I through present. On view through Feb. 18.

San Diego Museum of Man


Modern civilization is


civilization! Agriculture, cities, writing and religion all have ties to early craft brewing. Ancient Egyptians, Sumerians, Chinese and others each perfected the brewing arts in interesting and strange ways.


features fascinating stories and phenomenal artifacts that reveal the links between beer and culture, such as the solid gold beer cup of an Inca king. Tastings begin Jan. 16. Exhibit on view through summer 2014.

Timken Museum of Art

Object Lessons: Gainsborough, Corot, and the Landscape of Nostalgia

A Peasant Smoking at a Cottage Door

by the great English artist Thomas Gainsborough will be showcased at the Timken and featured alongside the

View of Volterra

by Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot from the museum’s permanent collection.

A Peasant Smoking at a Cottage Door

is one of Gainsborough’s most famous paintings in the idealized rustic genre. On view through April 6. Admission is free.

The Old Globe


Crystal and Gary live in a nice home in the suburbs. Only it’s not theirs. In fact, they didn’t know each other before they moved in – and the story of how they got there is the beginning of Crystal’s plan to get her life back on track. Between her job at the Saturn dealership, her new housemate’s conspiracy theories and the motivational speaker who just might buy that sports car, Laura Marks’ powerful new drama will take audiences on the ride of their lives, with a woman willing to take on anything and everything…all for someone named Bethany. By Laura Marks. Directed by Gaye Taylor Upchurch. Jan. 25 to Feb. 23.

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Balboa Park West End

Offering mummies and muses, paintings and sculptures, theatre and workshops, Balboa Park West End is home to the Mingei International Museum, San Diego Museum of Art, San Diego Museum of Man, The Old Globe and Timken Museum of Art. Balboa Park West End is conveniently located next to the Plaza de Panama, just over the historic Cabrillo Bridge. The new “Balboa Park Explorer” pass – good for unlimited annual admission to 17 of the park’s attractions – can also be used to visit four of the west end institutions. For more information on current exhibits, shows and happenings, visit