Kehoe: Legislation not cure-all for LJ Children’s Pool

State Sen. Christine Kehoe says state legislation may not be the answer to solving the situation with the de facto rookery at La Jolla’s Children’s Pool.

She has been called upon by seal advocates to introduce legislation that would make seal watching one of the “allowable uses” under the pool’s trust status.

“A number of San Diegans have told me that I can introduce a bill that would resolve the conflict,” Kehoe said. “Unfortunately, that is not completely accurate. The heart of this issue is a local land-use issue. In order to win support for state legislation as well as the governor’s signature, I will need to show that I have support for the bill by the mayor and city council. Otherwise the proposed bill is bound to fail.”

Kehoe added that despite what both sides think on how Casa Beach should be used, a state bill “will not resolve the situation.”

“It will change the allowable uses,” she said, “but it will still be up to the mayor and council to decide whether to let the seals stay or not. When consensus is arrived at by the mayor and city council, I can strengthen and preserve that decision with state legislation. I cannot impose a state solution to a local controversy.”

Plaintiff’s attorney Paul Kennerson and the city will be back in court Friday, Nov. 14, at 1:30 p.m. at a continued hearing before Superior Court Judge Yuri Hofmann. The judge is to review the city’s report of compliance on permits needed to dredge Children’s Pool and remove the seals.

In the last round of seals in court, City Attorney Michael Aguirre told Hofmann the city would have to have someone on the site 24 hours a day to “shoo seals away,’' in order to comply with an order to immediately remove them.