Keeping it safe: Police plan to add officers to Halloween night patrol in Bird Rock in La Jolla

From BRCC Reports

The San Diego Police Department will have a strong presence throughout Bird Rock again this Halloween with both uniformed and undercover officers and a command post to encourage good and lawful behavior. The Bird Rock Community Council, along with the BRCC Neighborhood Watch Program, will also have additional off-duty officers working as security guards during Halloween.

The Community Council recommends trick-or-treating only from 5 to 8 p.m. Homeowners are requested to shut off their porch lights at 8 p.m. to signal the end of the trick-or-treating period. Pumpkins should also be brought in for safekeeping. If you leave your front porch light on all night, remember to turn it back on prior to retiring for the evening.

When trick-or-treating:

• Know where your children are at all times;

• Use a flashlight and light colored/reflective clothing;

• Walk in a group and report suspicious or illegal activity to the police;

• Inspect all candy before consuming it.

Remember police will be enforcing the following laws:

• The Social Host Ordinance will hold responsible any adult who is hosting a gathering (3 or more people) where even one minor consumes alcohol.

• The consumption of alcohol is not permitted on public streets.

• Vandalism includes defacing property and damaging decorations and pumpkins.