Keep kids safe on the field: how athletic mouth guards prevent injury for orthodontic patients


By Robert Sunstein, DDS

Spring is here, bringing with it a return to outdoor sporting events and fun in the sun throughout San Diego County. Sports are a great way to get kids outside and emphasize the importance of physical activity for a healthy lifestyle. However, rough games do come with risks: and

athletic mouth guards

are a safe and simple solution to prevent injuries on the field.

Whether they have braces or not, kids who play sports are advised to wear mouth guards as a safety precaution against everything from tooth damage and soft tissue injury to jaw, head and neck trauma. According to the

National Youth Sports Foundation for Safety

, athletes are 60 times more likely to prevent tooth damage during play when wearing mouth guards. For orthodontic patients, however, mouth guards are even more important. A mere bump to the mouth or cheek of anyone wearing braces can result in severe tissue damage to the cheeks and lips, making orthodontic patients particularly vulnerable on the playing field. When used correctly, however, mouth guards can prevent these and other disadvantages including the following:
  • Cracked and chipped teeth and related root and bone damage
  • Jaw misalignment and subsequent breathing tension
  • Concussions and neck injuries
  • Soft tissue damage including lacerations, bruises and sores

Putting safety first with help from your local La Jolla orthodontist

With regular use, mouth guards can help protect children against needless oral health problems and injuries – and ensure efficient and effective orthodontic treatment. That is why our

La Jolla orthodontics office

provides free mouth guards to patients who play sports: we are committed to the utmost in preventative care and patient safety, and do everything we can to support healthy kids in our San Diego community.

From all of the Sunny Smile specialists here at our office, we wish you a happy spring sports season. Staying active is an integral part of overall health and wellness; and we encourage our patients to get out and enjoy the sunshine – while taking proper precautions to keep their teeth and bodies safe and sound. To learn more about our practice, schedule an appointment or pick up your complimentary patient mouth guard, stop by our comfortable office located on Eads Avenue in the heart of La Jolla or contact us online. Visit our website for more information, at