Just another bump in the road?


This bump on Pearl Street in the Village near the corner of Fay Avenue has been an eyesore and traffic problem for some time.

Kim LaSelle, of the city’s Pavement Management/Street Division, said the disfigurement appears to be a failed utility trench caused by dirt/fill put back in the trench and not compacted sufficiently.

She noted every large vehicle driving over the failed trench ‘shoves’ the pavement into the hump. Pearl Street is on the next asphalt overlay contract from Fay to Eads avenues, she added.

If it’s determined that the ‘hump’ is within the limits of this project, then, prior to Pearl Street being overlayed with new asphalt, the area around the hump, including the failed trench, will be milled out and repaired.

She added it appears to be marked out to have the hump leveled.