July 4th Photos: Sizzle, Fizzle — Booms went bust for a while; Crowds flock to La Jolla’s shoreline on Independence Day

Party-goers roasted marshmallows and celebrated the 2016 Fourth of July in style at La Jolla Cove. If you didn’t get to the beach early, you were out of luck. Revelers showed up at the beaches in droves as early as 5 a.m. to snag prime parking spots and a coveted fireworks viewing spot on the grass or sand.

Approaching the 9 p.m. start time, Monday, excitement filled the air. A single firework shot high into the sky and the crowd cheered and children squealed with delight. Unfortunately, just 10 minutes into the show, the fireworks stopped. Some questioned the length of the show, and with that, the masses folded up their lounge chairs in unison, shook out their blankets and headed to their cars.

About 15 minutes later, as tired families sat in traffic, the fireworks started up again! For several minutes, a barrage of colorful fireworks filled the skies once more. Not quite sure what happened, maybe an intermission, but those who hung around to let the traffic subside now had a front row seat!