Julie Dubick’s belief in hard work pays off in happiness


Julie Dubick works for Mayor Jerry Sanders as director of policy and deputy chief of staff. She said she enjoys serving the community in a professional capacity after years of voluntary work in areas close to her heart, like San Diego Women’s Foundation, whose membership makes financial contributions into the region or the San Diego Civil Rights Committee, which protects rights of Jews and other minorities and monitors education issues.

Dubick’s training is in law. She started practicing full time with the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington, D.C., under the honors program and finished practicing law full time as a partner and member of the executive committee of the law firm of Seltzer Caplan McMahon Vitek.

She is married to attorney Mitch Dubick. They have three children: Jessica Dubick Babrick, an entertainment attorney in L.A.; David, a Yale graduate working in Washington, D.C.; and Gabby, goalie extraordinaire and a sophomore at La Jolla High School. On Nov. 4, she and Mitch became grandparents of Sydney Pearl Babrick.

What brought you to La Jolla?

We moved to San Diego from D.C. on a lark because we loved its beauty and opportunity. We moved to La Jolla in 1993 to enroll our eldest in La Jolla High School. She’d been at Francis Parker, which was excellent, but we wanted some different experiences for her before she left for college. La Jolla High was the place to be.

What makes this area special to you?

It’s the sheer beauty of La Jolla’s water, beaches, hills, marine life and climate.

If you could snap your fingers and have it done, what might you add, subtract or improve in town?

I’d improve the traffic and parking, and provide more support for the small businesses that we need to remain a vibrant community.

Who or what inspires you?

I’m inspired by people who work hard and accomplish their goals and those who give back to their communities by volunteer work, financial support or otherwise.

If you hosted a dinner party for eight, whom (living or deceased) would you invite?

My dinner party of 8 would include Moses, Einstein, Picasso, President and Mrs. Obama,

Eleanor Roosevelt, Emily Dickenson and Paul McCartney.

Tell us about what you are currently reading.

I am currently reading “A Long Marriage” by Greer, and highly recommend “A Fine Balance” by Rohinton Mistry and everything by Wallace Stegner, such as “Angle of Repose,” or by Robertson Davies, such as “The Fifth Business.”

What is your most-prized possession?

Most prized possession is a picture of my mom and dad who are deceased, celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary

What do you do for fun?

Fun is in relationships, like Sunday walking group, book club, and family travel to exotic places. I also love reading.

Please describe your greatest accomplishment.

This is easy as there is no greater accomplishment than while working full time and with my husband’s full help, raising three productive, positive and smart children.

What is your motto or philosophy of life?

Life philosophy: Hard work pays off.