Julia Roberts: Why We Love Her Smile

By Dr. Robert Sunstein, The Sunny Smile Specialist

It’s no secret that Julia Roberts has stolen the hearts of millions with her beautiful trademark smile. In a

recent article

at the

Huffington Post

, the famous grin is chronicled through movie roles ranging from her debut 1988 film, “Mystic Pizza” all the way to her more recent flicks like “Ocean’s Eleven” (2011) and “Mirror, Mirror” (2012).

America loves Julia Robert’s smile because it is unique, big and yet quite proportionate. But what is it exactly that sets her smile apart?


Beauty is measured by symmetry: the more symmetrical, the more beautiful according to experts. Julia’s teeth have a beautiful yet natural symmetry. With softly rounded tooth corners and healthy, proportionate gums, the actress is a good example of how straight teeth can increase attractiveness.

Although Julia has never been known to wear orthodontics, any adult can achieve a similar smile with the use of braces. Celebrities such as Gwen Stefani, Tom Cruise, Emma Watson and Faith Hill have all sported adult orthodontics with excellent results. Most people are great candidates for adult braces and some even opt for “clear braces,” known as Invisalign. Clear braces are removable to accommodate an adult’s busy lifestyle. They look completely natural and are just as effective as traditional wire-and-bracket orthodontics. No matter which route you choose, braces are the ideal way to get a straight and beautiful smile at any age. Take it from Julia – a straight smile is a beautiful smile!

White teeth are a sign of youth and beauty and Julia’s smile is it is undeniably bright. Many adults whiten their teeth after having worn braces. At-home whitening is a perfectly safe choice for most people, although it’s important to note that veneers, bonding or crowns will not respond to whitening treatments. At-home treatments take about 6 to 8 weeks for visible results. Many people, however, want more immediate results. Professional whitening is the ideal solution because of its powerful ability to whiten teeth within just one hour. Our office has the most advanced whitening system available, so many people choose us for professional whitening after braces are removed.

In addition to being naturally white, Julia’s teeth are remarkable shiny and clean – a good sign of proper dental hygiene. Clean teeth are glossy, bright and ultra-smooth – each being important characteristics that resemble a healthy mouth. Daily brushing and flossing not only prevents cavities and periodontal disease, but also opens the door to a more beautiful smile. Dental hygiene is also just as important for wearers of braces. Because bacteria can grow on any foreign surface in the mouth including natural surfaces, it’s essential to brush and floss on a daily basis.

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PHOTO ATTRIBUTION: See page for author [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons