Judge continues stay on fireworks decision

City News Service

A judge who found against the city of San Diego in a lawsuit over permits for fireworks shows agreed today to continue her stay of the ruling pending another hearing on Dec. 9, according to the City Attorney’s Office.

The city has appealed Judge Linda Quinn’s ruling, from earlier this year, that the city violated its own municipal code in issuing park use permits for events like fireworks displays without requiring environmental reviews.

Her decision stemmed from a lawsuit filed by attorney Marco Gonzalez, who sought to stop pyrotechnics displays that he says harm sensitive sea life. His prime target has been the annual July 4 show at La Jolla Cove, adjacent to a marine sanctuary.

The judge stayed her ruling earlier this year at the city’s request, allowing this summer’s show to go on as scheduled.

Organizers of the La Jolla event contend that costs associated with environmental reviews would put them out of business.

The City Council recently gave tentative approval to a revision of the municipal code to make environmental reviews unnecessary for certain regular events. A second reading is scheduled for next month.