Joseph D’Angelo puts smiles into seeing the dentist

Spend even a few minutes with Dr. Joseph D’Angelo and you’ll understand why the casual moniker “Joe the Dentist” fits so well.

D’Angelo, who has been practicing in La Jolla for more than 18 years, has a personality and approach to his practice that even those who fear going to the dentist find comforting. And his knowledge of general dentistry as well as experience in cosmetic and implant dentistry assures patients that they’re in good hands.

Even better, you can get most all of your treatments, be they for general or family dentistry or implants or cosmetic surgery, in one family-oriented, calming environment — the office at 1111 Torrey Pines Road. He shares the office with his associate, Dr. Jennifer Still, a friendly staff and a colorful array of fish in the waiting room’s aquarium.

He said he found his calling as a dentist while working as a dental technician in the Air Force.

“I’m a very detail-oriented person,” he added. “I like working with my hands and with people … I love what I do.”

Twenty years ago, he said, he became interested in the aesthetics of dentistry.

“I realized there’s more to it than just making Hollywood smiles,” he said. “The goal should be to make things look natural. … That’s the ultimate cosmetic challenge.”

With the latest in 3-D diagnostic imaging on site, D’Angelo has the ability to visualize the size and placement of implants, making the process more accurate and safer.

“When I do the surgery, it’s like I’ve already been there since I’ve ‘done’ the procedure on the computer,” he said, shifting images around on his computer screen to show how the technology works.

A bonus is that sometimes the 3-D images help him solve “mysteries” associated with toothaches, abscesses or sinus problems. He’s even “tripped over” more serious problems like a clogged carotid artery, he said, noting that when that happens he refers patients to nearby specialists.

If you get nervous heading to the dentist, D’Angelo has options to ease the experience, from TVs over the chairs to sedation options that don’t require an IV.

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