Jim Stajdel’s new song invites the world to Hear Freedom Ring

By Will Bowen

To commemorate 9-11, La Jolla art dealer-turned-musician-songwriter Jim Stajdel of Cosmopolitan Gallery, has written a song about how social networking is impacting the Middle East. Stajdel calls it “Hear Freedom Ring.” It’s a catchy, melodic and patriotic rock song with a modern country flavor released on iTunes and CD Baby, where you can buy it for 99-cents.

Stajdel also has plans for an accompanying music video to be posted on YouTube. He said he wants to eventually have his song sung in Arabic and Farsi with captions in those languages on the YouTube video. He is hoping local radio stations will play it.

Stajdel said the song is about social networking because he thinks it can be used to help fight terrorism and lead to the spread of peaceful, progressive democracies throughout the world. According to Stajdel, social networking makes it almost impossible for dictators and repressive regimes to control the flow of information in their favor.

“People can see that freedom and a better life are possible. They see it on YouTube and on Web pages, they hear about it on Twitter and Facebook,” he said. “I’m convinced that social networking is behind the latest revolts in Libya and Egypt.”

Stajdel said he was inspired by a note from his brother, who works in Cairo. “He sent me an e-mail about how he was so glad people were watching the revolution in Egypt and could see that not everyone there was a terrorist; that there were a lot of good people there. That thought made me want to write this song.

“I remember I used to sing ‘Eve of Destruction’ by Barry McGuire when I was in my old rock band called “Rainband,” in New Orleans during the Iranian hostage situation during Jimmy Carter’s presidency. This is kind of an update on that song. Besides, I am Old School. I come from the generation that produced Bob Dylan and John Lennon. I want to help change the world with my music.”

Stajdel said he also plans to release a love song, “All We’ll Ever Need,” which talks about two lovers walking hand-in-hand along the beach at La Jolla Shores. The songs will launch Stajdel’s Rainband Record Company and Oceano Vista Music Publishing Company. They were produced by Josquin De Pres of Track Star Studio. De Pres has worked with Barry Taupin (Elton John’s songwriter) and the Gypsy Kings.

“If you want your voice to be heard today you better learn to Tweet,” Stajdel insisted. “The latest forms of communication offer an individual the potential for interacting with a large number of people throughout the world … social networking has made it possible for a new crop of “Indie” or independent companies to sidestep the mainstream guys and become players in the arts and music — and it has made shopping as easy as a walk to your computer.

“This is how you try to make a record a hit: You put it on YouTube and on Facebook. In self-promoting your music or videos or your art, there is freedom from corporate control. People listen to a much wider spectrum of music today because there is so much out there — so many more options.”

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• Partial song proceeds will go to Wounded Warriors

Hear Freedom Ring

(Words and Music Jim Stajdel)

A revolution in the Eastern World

So many dying trying to be heard

Cause people everywhere just want to hear freedom ring

Let freedom ring

It started in Tunisia spread on to Bahrain

The people of Cairo finally took a stand

In Tahir Square they prayed peacefully for freedom to ring

And freedom rings

‘Cause in this twenty-first century world

This facebook twitter Internet world

Where dictators should not have the last word

Yea people everywhere just want to hear freedom ring

Let freedom ring!