Jeweler goes distance for special gift


With so many people complaining these days, I wanted to share a story that’s positive.

Gary Bulfer and Barbie at Bulfer’s Jewelers on Girard need to be commended for their many kindnesses to my 7-year-old daughter, Clare. My 50th birthday was July 24 and in early July Clare started asking me “How much is a ruby necklace?” “Do I have enough in my bank account to buy a ruby necklace?” “Did you know that ruby is July’s birthstone?” … and on and on.

She began asking my niece to take her to jewelry stores to look for a ruby necklace. My husband is in Afghanistan, and we don’t have any extra money for a ruby necklace.

We were stumped. Then I got an idea, but I would need the kindness of a jeweler to help pull it off. I have a tiny ruby necklace that Clare hasn’t seen. I called and asked Gary if there was any way he’d put it in his case so that when my niece came shopping with Clare she could “buy” the necklace. No problem.

Barbie, the darling sweet lady in the front of the store, showed Clare anything she wanted to see and then focused on the ruby necklace, which was perched on a fancy display. Clare brought $36.15 with her and Barbie told her it was $25. Sold. Barbie then wrote up the sales slip, wrapped the gift with fancy ribbons and bows, and made my 7-year-old daughter burst with pride.

Bulfer’s made no money from the transaction, but gained my family’s lifelong gratitude and appreciation. I think people should know how they’ll be treated when they shop at Bulfer’s. Thank you so very much for making Clare so happy!

Brigid Hannon

La Jolla