Jewel Ball sneak preview


Every year, the members of Las Patronas offer a sneak preview of the elaborate designs they’re creating for their annual Jewel Ball. Typically, the event is held at their warehouse. But given the artsy nature of Jewel Ball 2007, Las Patronas showed off this year’s set pieces and decorations at the Museum of Contemporary Art in La Jolla.

The art museum made a fitting background for Jewel Ball 2007’s “ART”ragous theme, and the committee members on hand for the morning event had a ball. Ditto for everyone else in attendance. Several celebrated painters made a special appearance, including Van Gogh, Warhol, and Dali.

“There’s still a few surprises,” said Ball Chair Kathryn Stephens, “but we’re creating a big sculpture at our warehouse, and I’m going to make a sculpture out of the shoes the members brought today. We’re also creating mobiles and mosaics. It’s all focused on mid-century and contemporary art.”

Among the many Las Patronas ladies in attendance were Terry Cooper (President), Caroline Nierenberg, Kristi Pieper, Jennifer Greenfield, Sarah Burton, Martha Ehringer, Wendy Segall, Teresa Hixson, Micki Olin, Vicki Eddy, Susan McClellan, and Dede Carlson.