Jane’s Fabrique closing up shop in La Jolla after 46 years

By Dave Schwab

Staff Writer

In business for 46 years in La Jolla, Jane’s Fabrique at 7547 Girard Ave. is closing up its brick-and-mortar operation.

“We’re closing the store,” said Toni Christensen-Schultz who said their sale is continuing and merchandise is being marked down 20 to 75 percent. “I’m hoping to go onine, but it won’t be immediately.”

Christensen-Schultz ran the shop for many years with her late mother, Jane Christensen, who loved sewing and fine fabrics and founded the store in 1964 to offer superior materials to locals at reasonable prices.

Toni said she started working for her mother in her shop at age 13 “licking stamps and doing mailers.” She worked alongside her for the better part of 20 years.

Jane’s Fabrique had one of the largest selection of buttons, novelty ribbons and trims in San Diego.

“We had cashmeres silks, linen, fine cotton, buttons, notions and trims,” Christensen-Schultz said. “We dealt with local dressmakers and tailors who came in to buy fabrics. We had a lot of tourists who came to buy.”

Christiansen-Schultz noted the fabric industry waned about 15 or 20 years ago when they took sewing out of schools, but she said there’s been a recent resurgence in interest, especially among young people.

“We were doing sewing classes all summer,” she said. “But they’re not ready to buy the better fabrics yet.”

Christensen-Shultz noted Jane’s is one of the the oldest family-run shops in La Jolla after Harry’s Coffee Shop which is right next door.

She said she is semi-retiring to take care of her 11-year-old.

“We’ll miss everybody,” she said. “La Jolla’s been good to us. I’d like to thank everybody for their patronage over the years.”


Toni Christensen thanks patrons