James Verbicky to show at Madison Art Gallery

By Elise Esprit

James Verbicky has always seen the world around him in a different way. After pre-school teachers noticed he was drawing 3D images at age 4, Verbicky’s parents enrolled him in an adult oil painting class. From then he began his life’s work, painting the world around him.

“When I work I build atmospheres that people can relate to but with more of an edge,” states Verbicky, whose artwork has been described as “abstract expressionism.”

Lorna York, owner of the acclaimed Madison Art Gallery in La Jolla, will show Verbicky’s work in February. She was first drawn to him on a studio visit in early 2002.

Verbicky began showing in the USA in 2000. After breaking from a brief stint in the world of computer animation, he returned to his obsession with painting.

When asked what inspires him, Verbicky explained, “It’s what I take away. It’s like a layer-deconstruction or an archeological excavation. Sometimes I don’t know when it’s done even. Or at times I scrap it all and paint over it. It’s a kind of ongoing battle.”

He went on to explain in depth his ongoing series called “Awake.”

“My work is the actualization of art serving the purpose of stopping time, allowing a person to process and integrate the meaning present in a passing moment. ‘Awake’ is the culmination of new experiences I have had as an individual along a continuum of awareness… an evolutionary timeline of myself as an artist today. With un-interpreted symbols hidden in resonant layers, this series attempts to parallel the layers of experience that make an individual … while promoting the same sense of intrigue found at an archeological dig, where we learn more with each layer uncovered. Each time our eyes open to something new … we are changed … we evolve. If art moves you, you take it with you, it becomes part of your being and it changes you. To be ‘Awake’ is to be vigilant in making these experiences part of a more significant existence … this is a conscious choice I have made in being an artist.”

James Verbicky’s stylistic journey draws from his Eastern European roots, which contribute an underlying raw primitivism to his statements on both the artificial and transitory nature of contemporary urban life. Using infinite expanses of layered color, texture, and subtle symbolism, Verbicky’s work is unrestrained, drawing the audience into the thoughts and emotions of the artist himself at the time of creation.

Verbicky’s work is all about the spontaneity and process inherent in creativity as well as in daily life.

Today James Verbicky’s paintings are exhibited throughout the United States and are becoming a part of many major private collections. James Verbicky has also sold work in the New York City area to Vogue cover model Lara Stone who happens to be the new face of Calvin Klein, as well as to actor Cameron Mathison, who has outfitted his NYC brownstone ala Verbicky originals.

Today James Verbicky, 34, splits his time between Los Angeles and, Canada, where his family emigrated to from Poland.

New Verbicky paintings will be included in an upcoming solo show at the Madison Art Gallery in La Jolla on Saturday, Feb. 16.

For more information about the Madison Art Gallery in La Jolla call 858-459-0836 or visit James Verbicky’s artwork can also be found at Diane Debilzan in Laguna Beach, Karen Lynne West in Beverly Hills, Karen Lynne in Boca Raton FL and at the R.E. Welch galleries in Palm Desert and Seattle. It can also be seen at