It’s lunchtime at the races


Everyone who plays the ponies enjoys a day at the races. Charity organizations love the track because it serves as an excellent venue for a fund-raising event.

The Social Service League of La Jolla has been holding its Day at the Races luncheon there for about 20 years, and the lunchtime affair is still popular with members and friends of the League.

Recently, the La Jolla-based charity group gathered in the Thoroughbred Club for an afternoon of betting and banter. The crowd began their day with a reception and luncheon, before the horses took center stage. Then it was time to root for the favorites and hope for a win.

Among the La Jollan supporters attending this year’s event were Anne Cartwright, Kay Browneller-Bickley, Joan Glatthorn, Alice and John Geddes, Bonnye Johnson, Anne Klein, Marie and Pine Mazzone, Hank and Fred Mullins, Jill and Michael Holmes, Audrey Wohl, Sandra Osborn, Kathleen Slayton, Marjorie Wade, Nancy Bierma and Kathryn Mensch.