It’s all about making La Jolla a better place


By Rick Wildman

Adviser, LJ Business Improvement District; president, LJ Town Council

Progress happens when people are willing to subordinate their personal interests to those of their neighbors. Because progress is happening, La Jolla is now coming together as never before. We are all moving in the same purposeful, positive direction.

The city’s La Jolla Business Improvement District, working through the La Jolla Town Council Foundation and the BID Advisory Committee, is up and running. BID monies have begun to flow. Beyond trimming of the palm trees, as soon as our Village streets are newly paved, we will soon see many more visible fruits of this unprecedented collaboration. Last week the Secretary of State issued the Articles of Incorporation for the new La Jolla Business Improvement District.

The La Jolla Town Council has taken the central leadership role in La Jolla. Our membership has already increased by more than 10 percent this year. The trustees voluntary donations to our La Jolla Town Council Foundation are being matched by two anonymous benefactors.

The La Jolla Community Benefit District Steering Committee has chosen its leaders, subject to Town Council approval. The Steering Committee, with Town Council oversight, is looking at Little Italy as a successful model for revitalization of La Jolla.

Planning for the Christmas Parade and Holiday Festival is three months ahead of where it was last year. The Town Council’s collaboration with the Historical Society will soon follow the model of the Historical Society’s successful enhancement of the La Jolla Motor Car Classic.

The times, they are a changin’ — for the better. As each of us becomes more invested in La Jolla more wondrous results will happen. Please bring your voices and your ideas to your local governmental forum, the La Jolla Town Council. If you are a business owner, or if you are 16 or older, and if you love La Jolla and care about our future, you must become a Town Council member. Thanks to everyone who continues to strive to make La Jolla the best place in the world to live, to work and to play.