It’s all about a mental edge

So, how does Woods do it?

It all comes down to having the mental edge. Premiere athletes practice the four “C"s: consciousness, confidence, calmness and consistency.

Being conscious means being alert and aware of everything going on externally and internally. Big-wave surfing does not require surfers to be supernatural. It does require surfers to pay attention.

Being confident comes from being smart. A surfer can be confident if he has trained and put in the practice.

Being calm is having faith in your beliefs. A surfer cannot be fully conscious, or confident, if he were to panic. He must remain cool, calm and collected, even if the wave looks impossible to make.

Being consistent is the hallmark of champions. Surfers cannot change surfboards in the middle of surfing a wave.

Consider an empty bucket of water. As long as you keep filling it up, even just one drop at a time, it will be filled sooner or later.

Everyone, not just professional athletes, can benefit by practicing the four “C"s: consciousness, confidence, calmness and consistency. Do not wait for circumstances in life to be tough or filled with pressure before practicing the four “C"s. Practice the four “C"s in average, everyday life and soon, just like the greatest athletes, you will experience above-average life everyday.