Is there a problem at La Jolla Shores boat launch?


Tom Laffey

St. Louis. Mo.

“This is the first time I’ve ever done it, I had a fabulous time and I didn’t get the sense it was overcrowded. I don’t know how to compare it to anything. It seemed like a terrific opportunity and my daughter and I had a great time.”

Justin Smith

University City

“I’ve seen a lot of them (kayaks), but why do they think it’s a problem? It’s not like people are getting hurt or anything. I don’t think there’s too much. It definitely gets crowded sometimes, but I wouldn’t want them to restrict my ability to come here.”

Rod Bennett

Pacific Beach

“I’ve been coming here for about seven or eight years, and this year there’s a lot more rental kayaks, a lot more businesses down here. As you can see, in the afternoons, they’ve basically taken over this entire beach. It’s a public launch ramp and it’s oftentimes even hard to get a parking spot. The public’s not the problem. It’s the businesses.”

Barbara Kent

San Diego

“On the Fourth of July when they didn’t allow the commercial operators in here it was awesome, nice and open. The thing is the people who run it, they walk right down the middle of the street - they won’t move for cars.”

Patricia Rowley

Pacific Beach - employee at The Kitchen At The Shores

“I think they should do something to limit (it). There’s probably 600 kayaks out there at the same time and the people who are scuba diving, they can’t get as much out of it. But it’s a good business for down here. I just think it should be limited a little bit.”