Is San Diego Summer Driving Dangerous?

San Diego summer driving (La Jolla car accident lawyers discuss summer driving)

By Michael Pines, Accident & Injury Prevention Expert

San Diego summer driving (La Jolla car accident lawyers discuss summer driving)
We all know that San Diego has glorious, year-round sunshine that makes America’s Finest City truly one of the best areas to live in the nation. And while we have nothing to worry about when it comes to summer rain, driving is nonetheless slightly more dangerous in the summer months.


Consider the following summer scenarios:

More teens on the road.

Now that school is out, you can expect more teen drivers on San Diego roadways. Unlike experienced drivers, teens are still getting the hang of driving. And like any new skill, perfecting one’s expertise is a matter of trial and error. Unfortunately, in some cases, some errors result in car accidents.

Increase in pedestrians and bicyclists.

The summer sun often draws people out of hibernation – of course, with the great San Diego weather, who could blame them? As a pedestrian or bicyclist, it’s important to remember to use all the crosswalks and designated lanes when traveling by foot. As a driver, be aware of increased foot traffic and always approach crosswalks and bike lanes with caution.

Uptick in vacationers.

San Diego is known as a summer holiday destination. An increase in vacationers means an increase in potential accidents on the road. Vacationers have little working knowledge of the San Diego area. Driving is often slower and evasive turns and lane changes can also occur due to the unfamiliarity of city driving. Locals are urged to be cautious when traveling, especially when navigating city streets.

Effects of sun on rubber surfaces.

The sweltering sun is no match against rubber materials that can easily deteriorate and crumble in the hot summer air. Tires, windshield wipers, some bumpers and interior engine parts and belts can corrode in the summer. Be careful; always keep your vehicle updated when it comes to maintenance. It may also be a good idea to check your vehicle at the beginning of each season (that means now!)

Increased shoulder use.

It’s no secret that summer months bring warm weather. But even a few degrees more can spell disaster for vehicle coolants, radiators and oil. When cars overheat, drivers must pull over for help. Shoulders and merging lanes can often become congested as a result. Avoid a rear-end car accident and be cautious of increased shoulder use this summer.

As we officially usher in the summer season this month, let’s welcome the season


Here’s to a happy and injury-free summer season.

Michael Pines

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