Is enough being done to protect against wildfires?


Fred Dougherty

La Jolla

“As far as I know, it appears that way. When you’re riding your bike going down Torrey Pines into Del Mar, you can really see how dry it is.”

Kay Stafford

La Jolla

“I think probably the most that can be done considering the funding. I think there’s a serious problem where people are building homes, and with how many people are here.”

Howard Jones

La Mision, Baja, California

“There’s an awful lot of old vegetation ... all the houses. My wife and I live in Mexico, have a house. They’re much better prepared (for wildfires) down there than they are here. We clear everything out around our house.”

Loretta Adams

La Jolla

“I don’t think so. Where I come down from my house on Country Club Drive, it’s so overgrown. It’s a wildfire hazard. It’s just an overgrown, brown, huge canyon. I have called and nothing’s been done. I don’t find they’re (city’s) being responsive enough.”

John Tellos

San Diego

“It’s tough to control all the factors with wildfires. I think the government is trying their best, but I don’t know that they can solve all the problems. I’m sure there’s probably more that could be done, but I don’t know what that is.”