Is cliff cleaner Mike Slater a saint or a sinner?

Mike Slater. Courtesy

Fed up with what he calls “Sacramento’s bureaucratic cowplop,” talk radio personality, Jim Slater, last week took it upon himself to sweep away the cormorant and sea lion poop from the Cove cliffs to rid La Jolla of the stench now making national headlines.

Those it’s-gonna-take-two-years naysayers be damned, Slater blogs about his solo efforts at

Mike Slater. Courtesy
“While our bureaucratic-laden government racks its collective brain, it rained on Friday afternoon,” he writes, “So I walked out on the rocks with a push broom and facilitated Mother Nature’s natural cleaning process and pushed the poop into the ocean. It’s not illegal to be on the rocks, and I didn’t use any ‘outside’ water source. Just the rain.

It took two hours to clean the entire cove. Is this going to solve the problem for all time? No. The birds started pooping the next day.”

For his bravado, the cove-side restaurant Brockton Villa named a sandwich after him. Now, Slater is calling upon Boy Scout troops and others to “tell Sacramento to take a hike and just clean the bird poop. Consider it our duty as San Diegans.”

Posted responses to his activity ranged from “atta boy!” to “must be nice to break the law when you don’t agree with it.”

Whether a publicity stunt (seems like radio hosts are doing those these days) or a civic-minded duty, Slater’s actions point to the frustration that leads to the desperation that leads to anarchistic acts.

Will he face prosecution? Will he be fined? It’s surely something to think about, and it’s this week’s poll question at

if you want to weigh-in.

Our vote is for sinner … wink … wink.