Introducing the Brazilian Butt-Lift: the latest trend in body-sculpting cosmetic plastic surgery


By John G. Apostolides, MD

What do Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and Beyonce have in common? Aside from red-hot careers in the celebrity spotlight, these three starlets also possess some of the most talked-about backsides in Hollywood; and now, their famously curvy figures have inspired a new trend in

cosmetic plastic surgery

known as the Brazilian Butt-Lift. In years past, if a woman wanted to enhance the shape of her buttocks, she would need to get butt implants in order to make her natural curves rounder and more sensuous. However, with the Brazilian Butt-Lift, women can achieve perky, prominent buttocks without synthetic implants – and sustain the look for a long-lasting, youthful and aesthetically balanced enhancement.

When performed by a board-certified and experienced plastic surgeon, the Brazilian Butt-Lift is a safe and effective form of butt augmentation surgery that combines liposculpture and injections to lift and enhance the buttocks. The surgery involves two components: first, the buttock is contoured with the application of precise liposuction to the areas surrounding the butt in order to help it stand out and maximize the body’s natural curves. Common targets for liopsculpture include the back (the area directly above the butt), stomach and thighs. Once the liposculpture is complete, the surgeon will then meticulously process and purify the fat removed during the liposuction procedure, reducing it down to a fraction of that which was originally extracted. Finally, the refined fat is transferred back to the buttocks using several precise microinjections. When properly administered, this process results in a long-lasting lift to the buttocks designed to complement the natural curves of a woman’s body.

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At SK Clinic, we believe that open, honest dialogue between surgeon and patient is an integral part of the

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process; and when women approach us with an interest in the Brazilian Butt-Lift procedure, we take the time to get to know their expectations, objectives, concerns and comfort level in order to achieve the best possible results. Aesthetic plastic surgery is a highly personal decision, and no two patients’ needs are the same. Each and every patient deserves a compassionate, customized experience – and at SK Clinic, that’s exactly what you’ll find. My colleagues and I are proud of our credentials, which are among the best in the industry. To learn more or schedule a consultation, contact us today: