Integrative medicine holds the key to fighting obesity in children and adults


By Bryan Abramowitz, MD

American obesity has reached epidemic proportions. Over one-third of the population (35.7%) is obese, according to data published by the

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

; and as this number continues to rise among both children and adults, so too will serious health risks and astronomical healthcare costs. Amidst a consumer-driven culture inundated with fast food, sugary drinks and fatty, salty snacks,

fighting obesity

in children and adults is certainly a challenge. But if patients and families approach the subject of balanced nutrition and safe weight loss from a holistic perspective, they will find that achieving better health is not only an accessible and affordable goal, but one that is also fascinating, delicious and empowering.

Recent obesity statistics have prompted a ripple effect across the country, prompting everything from a new HBO documentary entitled “Weight of the Nation” to a proposal by New York mayor Michael Bloomberg to ban “super sized” sugared beverage. Faced with the harsh reality of crippling health risks like heart disease, diabetes and cancer, not to mention the high cost of care for such conditions, many Americans are eager to try a healthier lifestyle. The trouble is, our current culture makes it very difficult for anyone – and especially for children – to find accessible, inexpensive and nutritionally balanced food on a daily basis. Fad diets and plastic surgery advertisements abound; but the only way to truly take control of your weight is to take responsibility for your own health – and learn how to think about food and fitness in a holistic way that feeds not just the body, but the psyche and even the soul.

Holistic health yields total wellness

These days, all doctors are striving to educate patients on the importance of eating right and exercising regularly. But when it comes to losing weight and maintaining optimal health, there’s more to it than that. At my

San Diego integrative medical practice

, we treat the whole individual – not just the obvious symptoms. By providing a blend of conventional medical care and alternative wellness practices, we help patients take control of their own health and tailor a regimen that works for them.

A healthy and balanced diet is the centerpiece of wellness. But when it comes to overcoming obesity, the most successful patients integrate both dietary and lifestyle changes into their daily routine. When I see a patient who is overweight or seeking to improve their diet, I run the necessary tests to rule out disease and assess important risk factors. But I also work with the patient to recommend therapies to complement their goals. My colleagues include a host of skilled massage, chiropractic, yoga, acupuncture, meditation, nutrition and herbal remedy practitioners, all of whom consult with patients one-on-one to nurture a more holistic path to health. By sharing what we have learned over the years and combining a whole-foods based diet and regular exercise with the right therapies, we at

San Diego Wellness MD

are excited to empower change in each and every one of our patients. To learn more, contact us today: