Integrative medical practices offer patients the tools for individualized, optimal wellness


By Bryan Abramowitz, MD

Alternative therapies and

integrative medical practices

prompt frequent controversy among medical professionals, patients and media commentators alike, with some individuals and doctors decrying non-traditional methods as useless while others praise the proven benefits of certain herbs, supplements and therapeutic modalities for enhancing physical and emotional well-being. Just recently, the

Los Angeles Times

published an article questioning the viability of continued funding for alternative medical research; and then, mere days later, the paper ran another


detailing the precise scientific reasons why massage therapy is so effective in reducing inflammation and aiding recovery. Clearly, there are arguments on both sides of the issue: but what is the “answer” for patients seeking optimal health?

Faced with the often impersonal and alienating world of conventional medicine, in which pills or procedures are the presumed solutions for most medical problems, an increasing number of people are experiencing an interest in alternative healing – that is, therapeutic methods that encourage a more holistic and individualized approach to wellness through nutrition counseling, natural supplements and physical and emotional techniques like chiropractic care, massage, acupuncture, yoga and meditation. The attraction of such methods – personal attention, a focus on well-being, emotional and spiritual connectivity – is clear; but opponents will often argue that, without the guidance of a conventionally-trained medical professional, individuals risk misusing these methods or relying on them in situations where Western medicine can be more effective.

For some, this logic makes the practice of conventional medicine and that of holistic healing seem like mutually exclusive disciplines; and yet, as an experienced and highly trained medical professional, I believe that this assumption couldn’t be further from the truth. On the contrary, by integrating conventional Western medical practices with the myriad benefits of alternative medicine, patients can take a fully active role in their own wellness. Standardized medical care is not for everyone; and as my experience has made clear to me over the years, an engaged investment – of time, financial resources and understanding – is the patient’s best route to an effective integrative approach to health care.

Optimal physical and emotional health: our goal for San Diego wellness

I believe that wellness is achieved through a balance of mainstream medical practice and alternative mind-body strategy; and at my

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, our skilled team of practitioners work with each patient on an individual level to find that balance and pursue optimal physical and emotional health. Become an active participant in your own health care, and learn how to work in partnership with your physician to find the path that’s right for you. To learn more, visit us online today at