‘Inga’ column not so funny

Wow. I just read “Let Inga Tell You” and found it disappointingly unfunny and suprisingly sexist. I don’t doubt that the “ladies who lunch” described by Inga (and her anonymous waiter) exist, but to ascribe their loathesome behavior to ALL dining women...? Doesn’t the world have enough misjudgement drawn upon gross generalization and stereotype?

Unlike Inga or the aforementioned waiter, I won’t claim to speak for all women, but I will say that when I dine out with a group of girlfriends, we actually read the menu, order for ourselves, remember what we’ve ordered, and - apparently this is the real shocker, since only GUYS do this, right? - Split the check down the middle!

This would be a very funny piece in Beverly Hills in 1987. For 2010, it rings false. I’m a native La Jollan and know the Light can do better.

Amanda Davis Wischkaemper

La Jolla