Independent La Jolla discusses plan of action

By Maleeka Marsden


If the potholes and fire pits are not enough to outrage you, the fireworks should be, says Cindy Greatrex, president of Independent La Jolla, a group trying to make La Jolla its own city.

The group, which met on May 19 to elect officers and discuss plans of action, expressed frustrations about an environmental group’s efforts to block the annual Fourth of July fireworks show. Then they talked about their primary goal.

Greatrex said the most plausible plan is the ballot vote, which requires a one-third vote of support from taxpayers of La Jolla and 51 percent support from residents of San Diego to the question “Would you like to see La Jolla as an independent city?”

“It does seem easy in theory because we’ve met so many people (who support the idea of La Jolla becoming its own municipality),” Greatrex said.

Although it does not cost anything to get the question on the ballot, the group estimates it will cost about $2 million to get the votes it needs. Other options include litigation or to get a legislative member in Sacramento to push forward the idea.

The group has said that the latter plan of action would be difficult because if Sacramento allowed La Jolla to do so, it would open the floodgates for the many other towns to become their own cities to also be allowed to do so.

“They’ve literally given us a path. It’s a hard path ... but let’s go ahead and go up against it,” Melinda Merriweather said.